Kentaro Imai Architectural office




As bath space design professionals,
we provide many services associated with business,
from design to planning, branding, management and operation.

Core services
Design and construction supervision associated with all types of bathing facilities and supplementary facilities.
Construction design, bathhouse facilities design, general facilities design, structural design
Optional services
– Consultation, comprehensive production associated with bath business planning
– Bath business planning, branding design
– Bath business energy consultation
– Bath business management outsourcing, operation planning consulting



Established in 1966, this was a renovation of a traditional wood-frame public bath.
The roof was re-tiled and some supports replaced to increase earthquake resistance.
We strove for a bath space design featuring both freshness and nostalgia
while maintaining the special qualities of a typical Kanto-style public bath.

YUKKO Morioka

Renovation after around 20 years of a three-story “kenko land” or  a large complex with hot spring facilities.
The challenge was how far the outlook of spa could be changed within a limited budget and without relocating the bath.
The roof over part of the bathroom was removed, creating a new open air bath.


Fuku no yu was established in 1972.
The property, located on the ground floor of an office building, was renovated for the first time in around 25 years.
The long-established format featuring an attendant’s booth at the entrance, was converted to a reception desk format.
At night, the entrance is bathed in a magical light, with lighting as an important element.
People have said that the bath house has been reborn into one that young people find it easy to get to know.