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Sento which breaks common sense

“The public bath industry in Tokyo gets into a rut by all meaning. I wanted you to design a public bath of an idea which isn’t at other Sento.” That was introduction from the client. There were two requests in detail. One was to establish big walking bathroom in the ladies’ side, and the other was to make the low rising bathtub which could being in without stepping over the bathtub. In regards to a big walking bathroom, it corresponds to female beauty directivity and the health-oriented times, and it will be the main point of the new feature. And an angle of the barrier free and to crate the simple space, we should make the bathtub which is the low rising.” Indeed, both issues become the challenging contents to design public bath house. If we just embody these two points of client’s demands, that might make big impact to a Sento industry? I have been remembering to start designing with being excited about it.


6-21-3 Aoi, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Sento (Public Bath house)
Floor space:
Aug, 2001
Kenataro Imai Architectural office
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